December 29, 2015


This is the first day that I’m social network (Facebook and Instagram) free and plan to continue this for 1 month.


I started to be more into social media than I ever was. I was consumed with it. The moment I would open my eyes, I used to check my phone and scroll through Instagram, which I love and I think I waste my time on Instagram the most. Then, I would check my Facebook and see what people were up to, who did what, who liked my pictures, or who messaged me. I don’t use Twitter and Tumblr at all, I don’t even have an account (yay to me!). I’ll still use YouTube and check my e-mails. I have a tinder account, but I don’t use it and I care less about it. Also, I completely deleted my LinkedIn account, since I don’t use it at all. 300x336xjust-say-no-300x336.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4xls0fTgcT

When I was young and did not have any Facebook, Instagram, I would immediately get up and start my day, that is why my days felt longer and I would manage to do everything. And now, we all wonder why our days are shorter. It is because we are so conceived with everything and anything, that we lose our lives to these social networks. I do not think social network is the guilty one, we are the ones who choose to use it daily, hourly. We let social network to use us, not the other way around.

I had a slow day, and by it, I mean I had so much time on my hands, because I did not check my phone every five minutes. I read, I cleaned and watched few documentaries. And I will go to sleep early and put my phone away from me.

So, after this 30-day detox, I hope that I will be less into social media. I’ll start my 2016 without social media and if everything goes well, I might do this later too 🙂

So far, it feels good and I feel free.