How many of you hated running? *silently raising my hand* 

How many of you hoped that one day you could run more than 2min?  *silently raising my hand* 

This is my story about running, from literally hating it to literally loving it.

I, honestly, hated running with all my heart. I was so bad at it, I thought If I run 2 minutes without a break, I’ll be so happy. I started to run, so that I could lose some weight (I wasn’t even overweight, I was just not fit). I found out that running burns more calories than any other sport. It was something temporary, I thought. Just lose those 3kgs and you will not ever run again. I did not even have proper sneakers or attire.

It was spring of 2011, I wore whatever and just started to run. I “sprinted” more.  Stupid me thought that I could run long with that pace (na-ah!). After 1 minute (I used timer), I was out of breath, my legs were hurting, my lungs were burning, I hated it, I was so frustrated, I thought that I look stupid with this running. I could not believe that someone might enjoy it. I started to walk and was thinking to myself “I’m just not a runner, that’s it!”.

It was the end of my studies, and I had several exams coming up. Few days later, I was so frustrated with all those exams, my body just needed to move. I went for a “run”. Same thing happened, after few seconds, I was dreading it, I hated myself, this is just not working for me. But then, I just wanted to be good at running. I went home and instead of preparing for my exam, I started to research running and its benefits. I found so many benefits to running, how some people got out of depression through running, how some found it therapeutic–I laughed at this.

It occured to me, I need a solid plan, stick to it and work on it slowly, and one day I will run 5km without stopping. I downloaded “Get Running” app, which coached me. It was by far the best thing I did for myself. It was a 9 week program, it started with 1min running, you walk for 1.30min and you repeat it 8 times, then you start to run more, and you walk less. Week 9 was 30minutes of running. Sounds easy, right? Not for me. When I saw this, I doubted myself, but I was so determined. I actually failed few times, and re-started it, probably 3 times. I was THAT bad. I’d definitely recommend this app to anyone, because it was gradual, unlike other plans.

I remember when I completed 5k running without stop, I was so happy, so thrilled with myself. Though I wouldn’t tell anyone that I’m a runner. 

I think it was 2013 when after accomplishing my 5k, I wanted to run more. Then I ran 10km, then 21km and one day I will run 42.2km. I used Nikeplus program, which was ok. 

Now when I talk about myself, I always mention about my running, my Facebook and Instagram posts are usually about it and how much I love it. I don’t know about you, but when people talk how they think I’m an athlete, that makes my day. Don’t laugh, but running is truly therapeutic.

 When I run: I feel free, I feel revived, I feel dead, I feel joy, I feel pain, I feel sad, I feel happy, so so many emotions. I ran 3011km starting from 2013 January and as Haruki Murakami says “I hope running and I can grow old together.”

I pinky promise you, that you just need to give running a chance, it might take awhile, but once you start loving it, that’s it. There is no going back.