What a book. It was so good that I did not move and read it in one sitting.The whole story starts with animals wanting independence from human race, since humans exploit them and they don’t give anything back. Which is true. So after few years, animals rebel and they get rid of their master. During those years, since pigs were clever, they learned human language and its teachings. After the rebellion pigs are the ones who start to manage the farm. They declare that all the animals are equal and they even have their own 7 commandments.

Since the other animals were either not interested in or were lazy they couldn’t read so it made all easier for pigs to manipulate and they start to change the commandments as they pleased. No one could oppose them because of the simple fact that they could not prove anything.

The Leader (pig called Napoleon) was a genius to say the least, in a sense that he understood how to be a dictator. He declared one of the other pigs (Snowball) as a traitor and whatever went wrong he would blame on him. He installed hate in other animals. Whoever opposed him was declared as an animal. Few of the animals who doubted him were too scared to voice their opinions. Conditions were far worse than it was during man’s rule. They believed they weren’t slaves and they were working for themselves! Huh!

So those animals lived “happily ever after”. And it was declared that “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

Sounds like something that is current in our human world. We think we are free but we are slaves. “Freedom is slavery” said by George Orwell in 1984.

George Orwell’s “1984” book is phenomenal as well. I highly recommend these two books. I think he was a mastermind and I can definitely say he is my favorite author. This week I’ve decided to go and buy few of his works. I’m pretty sure I’ll love. I love when books are meaningful.