Charles Dickens “Great Expectations”
“You have been in every line I have ever read.”
I can’t believe that Dickens considered this book as a “tragi-comedy” when it was first published in 1860. I couldn’t find any comedy in this book, it was dark, mysterious, filled with sorrow, loss, jealousy, ambition, gratitude, appreciation.

This book definitely left a huge mark on my thinking. And that is why I loved it and cherished every single page of it. I wasn’t rushing myself to finish it, I was devouring it and re-reading parts of it few times.

I don’t remember a book where all of the characters were interesting.

Joe was my favorite in this book. His kindness, his wisdom was one of a kind. There were times in this book where I wanted to just hug him, because he had suffered the most in my opinion. He wasn’t valued as much as I wanted him to be. First, I disliked his wife, who was the main character’s (Pip’s) sister, but when she died and was sorry of her bullying ways, I felt sorry for her, because she didn’t have a happy life herself. Though having someone like Joe by her side should have been happiness itself.

I always love when the main character is the narrator, it makes it more personal and valuable. You can almost get into their heads.

“The death close before me was terrible, but far more terrible than death was the dread of being misremembered after death.”

I think I will remember this quote for the rest of my life, since it is the worst part that you might be misremembered.

The other part that really got to me was the part when Magwitch was injured and said to Pip: “Dear Boy, I’m quite content to take my chance. I’ve seen my boy and he can be a gentleman without me.”

The twists in this book were crazy, there were parts which I just did not see coming. Charles Dickens is a genius.

I don’t think there was a book such this that shows the dangers of false expectations and false perceptions of life. This is the one book that truly showed how the ones who are by your side always, are usually the ones who get betrayed constantly. I’m glad that Pip learns from his mistakes and becomes a better person, a true gentleman, through mistakes you learn, but I hoped he never betrayed Joe in the first place. I’m glad that Joe found his happiness, his heart was pure and loving and he got what he deserved.

“I have been bent and broken, but-I hope- into a better shape.”