Streets of Yerevan

Do you know there is an old bookshop in Yerevan that originally used to be a cigarette shop? Here is a story from Lilly Minasyan, one of the most loyal followers of Streets of Yerevan. Lilly is a runner and belongs to the group of people who are obsessed with books and everything connected with them. Bookstores and libraries in Yerevan are sacred place for her, where she connects with books, can touch and smell them. And, here is her story of how she discovered this particular shop in Yerevan.

Author: Lilly Minasyan
Photos: Anna Khachatryan

Many times I saw this particular bookstore located at the intersection of Mashtots Ave. and Sarmen Street downtown Yerevan. I would pass it daily and each time I would tell myself that tomorrow will be the day that I will go inside and see what they have. Since I can be a good…

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