2016 is almost over, thank goodness! Of course, 2016 was filled with great moments and few achievements, however compared to 2015 it wasn’t *that* special. It was pretty much a “meh” year, however in 2016 something big happen which will be my 2017’s crucial part, so it was a total flop overall.

I always write New Year’s resolutions. I love it! I know some people think it is something you do and follow a month and you are done with it, but not for me. I always reflect on my resolutions and try to achieve them as much as possible. So I would suggest write somewhere that you will be reminded of, I write my resolutions on my agenda, which I always use, so I’m reminded by it a lot.

However, in 2016 I wrote way too  many resolutions, which this year I’m not going to do. I decided to focus on 4 Main areas which have small goals, which will help me to achieve them and one section will be random goals (which are definitely as important). I will also do a little bit of reflections of 2016.

Straight A’s student

  • Never miss a class (I don’t like missing a class either way, but not only I shouldn’t miss a class, also I need to be really attentive and take lots of notes)
  • Study daily (even if it is 30 minutes)
  • Never miss a deadline (I don’t remember missing a deadline in my life, but I still want to put this down, so I will be reminded of)
  • Study alone (group studying is time-consuming and I hate it! Trust me, studying alone is so much effective than with a group)


  • Run 1200km in 2017 (In 2016 I wanted to run 1000km, I ran 707km, which isn’t too bad, but I could have done more than that. 2016, by far, wasn’t the best for my running)
  • 1 marathon (This was my goal in 2016, unfortunately it didn’t happen. I will do anything to achieve it this year!0
  • 2 Half-Marathons (I love half-marathons, I mainly want to improve my PB)
  • 3-4 short distance (5/10/15km) races (Short distance races will help me to stay motivated thourghout the year and I will get few more medals. Yay!)
  • Strength training 3-4 times a week (this is really important for running. Currently I’m doing Fitness Blender’s 4 week abs program, which I’m in love with, I want to continue with their programs. Tis will be the year for Fitness Blender’s workouts!)


  • Sign up for classes (I’ve never went to a yoga class, and practiced it at home, however I am at that point when I need more guidance and I feel quite stuck at one place. Ideally I’d love to go to a yoga class 2-3 times a week.)
  • Practice it 3 times a week (if I go a proper yoga class 2 times in a week, than I will practice once at home. Regardless of anything I want to practice yoga 3 times. Yoga helps my muscles and I absolutely love it!)
  • I want to focus on middle/front splits, back flexibility and handstands (I have few poses that I want to achieve, and I can achieve those poses through these)


  • Read 44 books (since I’ll be more busy in 2017, than in 2016, I decided to read 44, which is way less than in 2016, my goal was 60 books, I need to read 4 books to achieve this)
  • 50 pages a day (I try to read daily, some days I don’t read at all, and some days I read 300 pages, but 50 pages is something I can maintain and it isn’t too little but at the same time it isn’t a lot)
  • Continue with my quote journaling (I love writing my favorite quotes from my books and read them later on)
  • Read Haruki Murakami’s (A wild sheep chase; Hard-Boiled wonderland and the end of the World; Sputnik Sweatheart; South of the Border, West of the Sun;  Dance Dance Dance; After the Quake; The Elephant Vanishes) (I love Haruki Murakami, he is the best author for me and I want to read all of his works)
  • Buy 50 books (I want to own 1000 books, my parents have a big collection of books, but I want to have my own, so each year I buy or receive a lot of books)
  • Listen to audiobooks more (lately I’ve been loving audiobooks)
  • Don’t read more than 2 books. (umm yea… this year I was all over the place with my books, I’d read one book for 100 pages than start another one…and at one point I ended up with 18 currently reading books, I think that should be a crime.)

Random goals

  • Wake up at 6 (I love/hate waking up early, some months it isn’t a big deal and some months I dread it, but I want to wake up at 6a.m. like it’s nothing)
  • Sleep early (I’m so bad at this, especially when I read, I might end up sleeping at 4, because I wanted to finish the book.)
  • Have a proper cleaning routine (I know I need to find a perfect routine to follow and this year it will be achieved.)
  • Less of social media. (Since November I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram, so far so good and I want to not activate it till April 1st)
  • Drink 2100ml of water (there are days that I go without drinking a drop of water)


Also, I would love in 2017 to go to France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Italy. These aren’t resolutions of course.

I also write in my agenda small goals but those are monthly. For example, in one month I wrote that I should make sure that I don’t sleep with my make up on (yep, I’m that person who sleeps with make up… burn me).

If you want to achieve your NYR definitely have small goals thourghout the year, it helps a lot.

I really wish and hope that 2017 will be an awesome year! I want it to bring peace in Syria and everywhere.

Good luck to everyone!