Running is part of my life.

However, there are times that I have a mini break up with it. It is a conscious break up. I need some time off to (re) find my love towards it, miss it and get back and have an amazing time with running. I don’t want to get tired of it. I’ll admit it scares me. It scares that I will reach the point when I’ll think that running is not for me. So far it didn’t happen.

If you read my New Year’s Resolutions, there was one section dedicated to it. You can read it here. I don’t think you will ever achieve anything by only writing what you want. You need to have a precise plan. I do lack myself, but I know I can do better and that’s why I love planning. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”–I live by this quote and it proved itself true so many times.

Here I’m planning to achieve them.

Running 1200km 

I need to run around 100km per month, however I’m not planning to run 100km per month. I want to divide 1200km in 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn).

Peak seasons are (for most runners) spring and autumn. During those seasons you run the most, because lots of races are usually during those seasons. The weather during those months are considered perfect. This is how I broke down my season.

  • Winter-250km
  • Spring-400km
  • Summer-250km
  • Autumn-300km

In the beginning of every season I will create a plan, which will state how much I need to run per week, per month, and, of course, per season and I just need to follow and hope I won’t get any setbacks. There will be setbacks, when/if they happen, I will get back at the routine asap!

Running my first marathon

Half-marathons are challenging and I love running them. I understood that I want something more challenging than that. So the next step is Marathon. It is my dream to run a marathon. Marathons are extra challenging, I think I need to work on my brain more this time around, rather than the physical aspect. Of course, you need to run 4-5times a week, do strength training, eat healthy, hydrate and sleep 8 hours. Running is more mental than people think.

  • Find a perfect marathon
  • Sign up for it!
  • Find a program
  • Follow the program (my program is 10 weeks, since I’m not a new runner)
  • Prepare for it both mentally and physically (Mental wise, I have lots of running books, which not only talks about their challenges, but also lots of good advice and always remember why you are doing it!)
  • Stretch daily (10minutes will do!)
  • Just do it!

I already found the city I want to run my marathon. It is on the April 9th, which is the best time to run a marathon weather wise. I would suggest for a first marathon to find a course which is relatively flat. I personally hate running hills and I can’t imagine running my marathon with crazy hills. I’m not a quitter, but I have a feeling, I would totally quit if I see bunch of hills.

I really hope I will achieve this goal for this year! This is the most important one!

Half-Marathon: Two HM and PB

As I mentioned HM is fun for me, I ran 4 official marathons. This year I want to run faster Half-Marathon and 2 half-marathons. I’ll run my two half-marathons during the autumn season, I have done that 2 years in a row. I ran Yerevan Half-Marathon and Tbilisi Half-Marathon, which are usually few weeks apart. I find that way suits me well. I’m not sure where I will run my half-marathons, but I will figure everything out once the season approaches.

  • find two half-marathons
  • sing up
  • find a running program
  • follow the program
  • just do it!

As I mentioned, during autumn I’m planning to run around 300km and with a good strength training program, I can achieve this goal. For running a faster half-marathon, which is 2:16minutes, I do need to do lots of strength training and sprints.

Personal Best

  • Strength training (4 week Fitness Blender’s abs workout/ 4 week FB booty program/ 8week FB fat loss program)
  • Hills (hills are crucial for running faster, it builds your endurance, it is really challenging! I’m planning to run hills at least once a week)
  • Fartlek (It is pretty hard to explain, but fartlek is a system when you maximize your efforts for few minutes and then slow yourself. An example: Your normal pace is 6:15km/h, you run 200m 4:50km/h, then 400m in 6:15km/h and repeat this 4-8times. If I did a poor job on this… Don’t kill me.)
  • Stretch!! After every run and strength training (Stretching is vital for your muscles . If you are sore constantly, you are more prone to injuries, and injuries mean setbacks. Stretching is easy and fun. There are lots of YouTube videos for 5 minutes)


Last few tip: drink lots of water. I’m bad at this, so it is my mini-plan to drink 1800ml of water (at least!) daily. I downloaded an app, which is called Aqualert and I track my water intake. I also keep water around me at all times. I’m starting with 1800ml and then when I drink that amount every single day for few weeks, I’ll increase it by 200ml, until I reach 4l.


I hope, this year all of us will achieve all the goals we set for ourselves. If you are planning to run any race, I’d love to know your tips!