Hi, booklovers!

If you love reading you might have struggled at some point with a book. Hence the DNF-did NOT finish. I’m talking about more when a book is bad or you are not enjoying it at all.

I was reading “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard, and around 20% I was done with this book. I struggled from the beginning and I was contemplating if I should just stop and pretend that I never read the book or to continue and maybe, just maybe I will enjoy it at some point. It never did happen. I ended up frustrated with wasting so much time, the book was around 383pages. I read and some parts I was listening to but the love towards this book never came. 


I’m for not DNF-ing. Here is why.

I know I’m wasting my time if I’m not liking the book from the beginning, but at the same time if I don’t read it till the end, what if I miss the awesome part, the part where I will totally and utterly love the book. Also, I strongly believe that some books get better after 100-150pages. So let’s say the book is 250pages and I’ve read till 150p, I might as well read the whole thing. Furthermore, it will make my brain stronger. I force my brain to concentrate on something I’m not enjoying.

I remember 2 books that I DNF-ed and I still remember those books, because I’ve never finished them. It is like a failed relationship, which you never “closed” properly, I didn’t give those books their final good-byes.

So are you guys all about DNF or not DNF? Let me know 🤓