I’ve been doing my social media “detox” nearly for 3 months and so far so good. With everything in this life, it comes with pros and cons. While social media has this “bad” reputation, there are good stuff too.

I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram. And I only “miss” one of those–Instagram. Facebook, I don’t care. Even though I’m planning to be MIA for another 3 months, I want to talk about why I will activate my accounts (well, maybe only Instagram).

I found this picture on Pinterest, but I don’t know the original source. If you know let me know 🙂 I will credit that person!

My Instagram was filled with great accounts, from yogis, runners, book lovers, interesting accounts that would talk about important issues, accounts that were dedicated to cities (traveling in general), few of my favorite celebrities (aka: Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé) and of course friends too. To be honest, I followed some of my friends, so they won’t be offended and I’m sure some of them follow me back for the same reason and if you are one of those people when/if I activate my account, feel free to unfollow, I’m not a sensitive snowflake.

Long story short, I would see a yoga pose, and I would come home and try that pose, so I was really inspired by that. I would know what books are out there, their ratings. Some accounts on Instagram are straight out creative. A lot of people found their passion through Instagram and they even earn money from it. Power to you!

With that came: memes and wasting time. I understood that I would scroll constantly and wasting my time on stupid memes, screenshotted it would send it to my bff and we would discuss that. It isn’t social media’s fault, it was my fault. That is why I decided to step back, prioritize everything and understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. There is no way that the SM is the bad guy, it is wrong to blame IG or FB or Twitter. It is US who decides how we are investing our times. I’m 99% sure Beyonce ins’t scrolling through IG, she is out there and living her life.

I’m learning to be not attached to SM and I want to use social media to my advantage. I want to be inspired by so many amazing people, and I want to inspire people. I don’t want to waste my time looking at my screen and then realize I scrolled four times already.

Everything could be good if we use it correctly. #Iamnotwastingmytime2017

Lilly 🙂