I am a feminist.

I believe in equal rights.

When I say equal rights I want it for both women and men.

I don’t believe that one gender is lesser than the other. I don’t believe we are better than men.

I don’t consider men evil. Because they are so many women who are doing worse for women than men.

For example, female genital mutilation is documented in Africa, Middle East and Asia, and is mainly done by Women, not men. And it affected up to 140mln women and girls.

Women should stand up for others. It is crucial. If we don’t become a force, we will never achieve anything!

I am a pro-choice activist. 

And I want to know that I have a right to choose if I want to have a kid if I get pregnant or I want to abort it. I’m a pro-choice activist.

Pro-life activists, they have good intentions. I do believe in that. They want women to take responsibility for their actions. They want you to not have a casual sex and get pregnant. But sometimes things happen. Not a single woman out there desires to get an abortion. Unless you are Lena Dunham.

I know that in many countries, including my country, Armenia, girls are aborted because of their sex. In India girls are “burden”. In Middle Eastern countries girls are properties. In China if chosen a boy or a girl, they will choose boy.

I want to know that if my future husband is abusive he will be sent to jail. And if some guy is abused by someone, he deserves a justice.

I want to be looked at as this individual who isn’t considered a meat. I don’t want my society to decide for me when I should get married or get pregnant or what I should do with my body.

Those countries, like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, so on, when women are treated equal, they are way ahead of the game while in other countries where women are still fighting for their rights both economically and socially they are behind.

This is my rant for the current events that is happening in the States and Russia and just anywhere where every day some old men is deciding what is the right thing to do.

Men and women are different and similar. But first and foremost we are humans.

Lilly ❤