What is happening in the States it is so devastating, because USA embodies the free world, where people come from different backgrounds, religion, sexuality, gender and they are united. I guess not anymore.

If you are not aware what is happening in the States, you are one lucky person. Maybe because I have a Political Science background that is why I’m this invested in politics. And USA is one of the most powerful countries and ignoring the country is not possible.

So Donald Trump is banning people from 7 countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. You can read more here.

First things first this is disgusting. He and his supporters, I’m afraid are clueless and ignorant.

Islam is just a religion, some use it for a good purpose and some use it for an evil purpose.

Christianity is just a religion, some use it for a good purpose and some use it for an evil purpose.

Buddhism is just a religion, some use it for a good purpose and some use it for an evil purpose.

There are atheists who are good and bad too. 

(I know there are more religions out there, but these are the three main ones. This applies to every single religion out there.)

If someone tells me that there is a religion with ONLY good people, I’ll tell them that it is a lie. There isn’t such a thing.

In 1915 During the Armenian Genocide, whoever survived it, mainly women and kids stayed in Aleppo, Syria. And for many years both Christians and Muslims were living peacefully, until recently, where Syrian-Armenians had to flee from Syria and unfortunately, there are still Armenians trapped in Syria with no means to flee. Of course, my country is welcoming both Syrians and Armenians. However, Armenia is a small country with small resources, we can’t take care all of them. It is our moral duty to help others in need. There are so many Americans with ethical values, who are protesting right this minute and welcoming.

This hate towards millions of innocent people out there is not what I expected from a leader of the “Free world”.

You can’t assume that every one of them wants to kill you. There are teachers, doctors, mothers, Fathers and so on, who just want to live in peace. Somewhere safe! Once you know and try to connect with people and their sufferings, you start to care.

This shows how de-attached Trump and his supporters are from the reality.

I’m glad that so many people are protesting. Thank you!

With peace and love,