I’m excited for my marathon, which is on April 9th! So starting from today, I’m planning to *really* train for it ^_^

Since the weather is terrible here, I’m planning to run in the gym for the time given, then hopefully the weather will get better and I’ll run outside. I’ll try to run outside at least once a week with a group. I’m also going to incorporate strength training and yoga.

It’s been one month since I’m drinking water (2.1l) daily and I’ll try to drink this month 2.5l and work my way up till 3-4l 🙂 I’m glad that I’ve been consistent with it.

Every Monday I’m going to post about my progress, how much I ran, challenges, yoga progress and just everything marathon related!

I’m too excited.

I read an article today (click here — definitely read it, inspirational as it gets!) and I want to  try to read 300 pages for a week, I’ll update on Sunday. I wonder if I can do it. In the article the guy reads 400-500pages, but I’m not there yet, so 300 will do! I agree that Social Media consumes our time, and I even wrote an article about it. Self promotion right there 😀

Currently I’m reading “Touching Earth” by Rani Manicka, I like it. It’s quite interesting.

Are you a runner? What races are you planning to sign? And If you completed a marathon, I wonder about your experience and tips, let me know how it went 🙂