Hi Runners,

If you are a runner you will know that sometimes running for a long time could be tiring and just plain out boring. Especially when you are running on a treadmill (which for me is the most dreadful thing ever!). I’ve been “running” from 2011, but I started to consider myself a runner from 2013.

If you are struggling with your long runs, here are 7 things that will help you during your runs.

  1. Listen to old music. Yep, old music! You know Britney Spears’s “baby one more time” album or Backstreet Boys or N’Sync. Here is the trick, when you listen to an old album you start to remember your childhood, those awesome times. You know all the lyrics and you know all the moves. Buckle up, let’s go on our memory lane!
  2. Listen to a new album! I’ve downloaded Imagine Dragon’s album a year ago and yesterday I realized I haven’t heard all of the songs, so the next time I go for my run I will listen to the whole thing without forwarding or changing the song. I’ve done this trick many times and let me tell you, you listen to the music more intently, because you want to understand if you like the music, you want to understand the words and boom, you are done with your run.
  3. Repeat mantra. I have a mantra which is pretty personal to me so I don’t feel like sharing. There are so many amazing mantras if you google it, Just find one and repeat it over and over and over again. First it will be really cheesy and stupid, but then your brain will respond to it. “Fake it, till you make it” Just repeat as many times as possible, it will work.
  4. Listen to audiobooks. The other day I finished an audiobook during my run. I like books that aren’t complicated and you don’t need to remember names, dates or any specific detail. I listen to inspirational ones and I do get bored from listening to songs.
  5. Ditch your earphones. It sounds bizarre, but I find that sometimes nothing helps but to switch off your brain. It is hard to do it, but I think you can develop your mental strength through being by yourself and either embrace your thoughts or ditch your thoughts. I start to concentrate on other sounds or I will look straight ahead and just let me thoughts flow and end up not remembering what was I thinking.
  6. Dedicate parts of your kms. This one works for me. Let’s say I have a 10km to run, I will say “I’m going to run 3km for my mom and her health and I won’t stop because I love her” and when I’m done, I will dedicate the other 3kms for my sister and so on. I dedicate parts of my runs for people that I love and if I stop it will mean I didn’t try hard enough.
  7. Accept the distance. This one I used twice, when I accepted that I have a long run and there is nothing I could do to change it. It was during my half marathon in Tbilisi, where I realized I have 10+km to still run. I just told myself “I know you wish it was 10m left, but this is what you signed up for, suck it up, accept the distance.” and whenever I wanted to complain to myself (in my head), I’d remind myself that I can’t do anything about it and I just need to do it. Seriously, accepting the situation and everything is the best thing ever. You start to realize you are going to finish your run, even if your legs leave you for good. It never happened though. My legs stayed and I want to run a marathon.


I hope this tips will help you. I wonder if you have any tips that I can use.

Thanks for reading.