Hi Runners,

Please meet my 3 BFFs in Running! I can’t live without them and they became part of my life.

Vaseline–My new found/popular BFF (This BFF you got when you started to be in the running community and you got jealous that every long distance runner is a friend with her and you needed to be friends with her and no regrets!)

Water–neglected BFF (You love your bff but quite frankly you need to remind yourself that this BFF is so important and once you start to be in contact with it, you see the improvements in your life)

Imagination— My old BFF (this one is more like the friend that I befriended when I was 3 and I’m keeping in touch with her/him 24/7)

But seriously…

Vaseline, water and imagination are key in your long runs.

I apply vaseline anywhere that you can think of. I have vaseline in my purse just in case. No more chaffing, no more those painful moments when you hop on to shower and you can feel where exactly you sweated…bleh…You just can’t neglect vaseline!

Lately, I’ve been drinking more water and my runs are pleasant, because my lips, throat and mouth aren’t dry! The benefits of water are countless and if you run, make a habit to drink lots of water. There are great apps that tell you how much you need to drink and you can track it.

I’ve used my imagination during my runs every single time. Not only to make it more pleasant for me, I’d create scenarios in my head, I’d interview myself, I’d imagine myself performing, etc. Each time that I let my mind go wild, I’m surprise at myself. Use your imagination. Feel the Unicorn brain in you!

Who are your BFFs in long distance running?