Hey runners,

The last week was a success for me. I felt more motivated and into my running program than the last past two weeks. Consistency is so important. The more you do it, the more you enjoy it! I hope that it will get better. I’m not panicking about my marathon, since I know that I’m training and I’m willing to do anything to get better in it.

“It is supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard what it makes it great.” 

Feb 13- 4km running/10min bike/48min strength+stretching

Feb 14–2m sprinting/2m walking/1m sprinting (even faster than the 2min)x5 ended with 4min walking+8min running/ 10min bike/10min upper body/10min abs/5min legs/26min stretching

Feb 15–Rest

Feb 16–5.43km running/15min bike/ 40min upper body/5min legs/10min stretching

Feb 17–3.09km running/15min bike/10min abs/10min legs/30min stretching (concentrated on front splits)

Feb 18–Rest

Feb 19–12km run/20min bike/1hour stretching, yoga style

Overall–29.54km/Average pace 6’22”

I’m increasing mileage and getting into double digits. Currently I’m using Nike coaching, so far I like it 🙂

Wishing every single runner out there an injury free week! 🙂


(The featured picture is from pinterest)