One of the goals this year was/is to wake up early and workout.

Starting from Feb. 1st, I committed to going to gym early in the morning and I can surely say that so far it’s been good.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Benjamin Franklin 

There is nothing better knowing that everyone else is sleeping and here you are being productive and doing something for yourself.

Leave your phone somewhere else!! I used to put my phone in my room and whenever I couldn’t sleep, because my mind doesn’t really shut down as fast as I want it to, I would end up getting up and picking up my phone. Now, I leave it in the living room and there is no way I’d walk that “far”. None. It never happened and I doubt it will happen. So when you have a hard time falling asleep, instead of checking your phone, you change your position and try.

Alarm. If you live by yourself, buy an alarm clock or just simply put your alarm on loud on your phone and make sure you don’t snooze. I live with my family and ask my mom to wake me up. And I love her to death, she comes and switches on the lights, which wakes me up and there were plenty times that she would bring me coffee and breakfast while I’m in my bed. And she is surprised that I have no urge to marry. Hello?! That treatment isn’t everywhere!

Routine.  Sleep early. Wake up early. Currently, I go to bed at 10-10:30pm and I’d wake up at 7am, eat a banana with peanut butter, drink my water, go to gym, where I run and after it, I’d do strength training and stretch.

Failing.  I failed in the second week, I went to gym only twice. I felt disappointment and reminded myself why I’m doing this. Anticipate this phase. Definitely remind yourself why you are doing it.

Habit. It’s somewhat true that habits form in 21 days, but that’s the beginning of it. The last two weeks I noticed that I don’t dread going to gym or waking up early. It’s not easy, it’s just you get used to it. Anticipate 3 months to fully consider the habit achieved. After this month, I need to be more determined and follow my routine. I had a rest day on Tuesday this past week and I felt like my day wasn’t complete.

Love the process. Honestly, I don’t like forcing myself doing something that I don’t love or if I try something and it isn’t working, I’ll find a way to adjust it to my personality and lifestyle. This might work for me, but there are so many people that find working out in the evening fun.

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come!”  

Find motivation. When I see that I’m not as motivated, I’ll read articles about waking up early and the benefits. One of the books that helped me was  “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam. I listened to it while running and it stuck to me. The book itself is short and to the point which I loved. Definitely I recommend it. 94553a030b31c6c2da9d697938aeb65f-1

Stay committed to your resolutions and always remind yourself what you want! What were your achievements this month? 🙂