Hi runners!

This week I had by war the best training. I felt incredibly motivated and pumped. Consistency is definitely paying off. Be consistent! If I can give one advice in life is be consistent.

“There is magic in Misery. Just ask any Runner.” Dan Karnazes

Feb 20–4km running, 20bike, 30min strength training, 10min stretching

Feb 21–Rest

Feb 22–3km running(5x400m+1km cool down)/20min bike/15min pilates for legs and butt/5min abs/ 15min yoga flow

Feb 23–6km running/ 15min bike/ 27min butt and thighs

Feb 24–15km running/ 20min yoga flow

Feb 25–Rest

Feb 26– 10km running/18min stretching+yoga

Total km for this week: 38.02, average pace 6’01”

Next week goal is:

  1. 50km Running
  2. Total 40 min of core exercises 
  3. Work on front splits 

I will make sure to link more of the exercises that I do from YouTube. I’m using FitnessBlender and Nike+ Training at this moment.