Hi Runners!

This past week was amazing training wise. Waking up early became such a good habit! I wake up at 7am during the weekends too. That’s how you know you are slowly but surely becoming a morning person.

New obsession is Nike+ Training. Not only it has amazing variety, but also you can specify where are you and what equipment you have! I like when someone is telling me what I need to do, so I won’t think during my exercise. I just need to follow the exercises.

The other obsession is medicine ball! I’ve been doing my abs with it, I can’t tell you at this point how it has changed my abs, since it’s been a week, but I know for sure that bodyweight for my abs isn’t effective anymore. I have a strong abs and I don’t get the “burn” effect anymore, unless I do crazy amounts.

I have included the names of my exercises from Nike+ Training, the app is free, which is awesome! I’ve been using Nike for my running since 2011 and even though sometimes it pisses me off, I still find it useful. Currently, I’ve been training for my marathon using the app’s coach. I LOVE it!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment!” Jim Rohn 

Feb 27th–3km running, 15min Plank Splitter+17:40min Yoga Ready from Nike+ Training

Feb 28th–Rest

March 1st–8km running, 21:17min Core countdown+6:50minRun Ready Yoga (Nike+ training)

March 2nd-12km running, 45min Burn Through the Core (Nike+ Training)

March 3rd–13km, 1 hour of yoga concentrated on splits

March 4th–30min of yoga

March 5th–40min strength training

Total Km for this week: 36km, average pace 6’22”

Even though I wanted to run 50km, it didn’t happen, which sucks, but I hope for this upcoming week I will achieve the goal.

Have a great training week!