Hey Runners,

It has been a good week for my running. I ran more and I trained pretty well. The only thing that didn’t go as planned was not running 25km, which I hoped for. This coming week I will make sure to run that long, so my legs could be more prepared. I’m also reading a lot about the mental strength, since in running your brain matters more than you might think. I’m testing few tricks.

The other goal for this coming week is running more outside. Running indoors and outdoors have their cons and pros. However, outside running is challenging because elevation gain is changing constantly.

I love writing this, since this feels like a diary (an online one) which will help me in future.

March 6th– 8km, 30min of strength training

March 7th–AM workout: 6km, 30min (Cut to the core-Nike+ training), 10min stretching

PM workout: 8km, which included around 1100stairs!

March 8th–Rest

March 9th–10km, 20min abs, 15 min stretching

March 10th–15min (Speed Round-Nike+ Training), 23min backbend practice and 30min of handstand practice (from Kino Yoga)

March 11th–Rest

March 12th–14.50km

Total KM: 46.50km, Avg. pace 6’38”

Injury free weekend ^_^