Hi Runners,

I’ve been more and more excited for my Paris Marathon! There is some nervousness, since it is something I’ve never done, but the unknown is appealing. I do want to run good, but I’m not pressuring myself to run it under 4 hours or anything. Whatever happens, happens. I want to finish and get my deserving medal. 20 days left!

The only thing I would suggest to future first time marathoners, don’t run your first marathon during spring. I think weather conditions does influence more. Our winter this year was awful, icy roads, which isn’t safe. For me, it’s too late. I’m committed to this race and that’s just it.

March 13th–3.5km, 1hour strength training with stretching

March 14th–8km, I “ran” around 1000 steps within those 8km

March 15th-1 hour yoga

March 16th–Rest

March 17th–8.5km, 18min strength training, 20min of stretching/yoga

March 18th–5.5km, 30min of yoga

March 19th–16km

Total km–45km

Avg. Pace 7’25”

This next week, I don’t have a mileage goal, but I want to work on my stamina more and stretch! Stretching is vital for running.

Injury free week!