I should probably start by saying that I’m an introvert. As in I will do anything to be by myself, at home.

Side note: if you LOVE your birthday and love celebrating it, good for you! Can’t relate but to each their own!

When I was a kid, my family would ask me if I wanted to have a birthday party and the answer was no 100% of times and I’d just ask for an extra gift. So it’s not that I’m getting old and bitter. No, I was bitter since the beginning…birthday-comic-21

Birthdays are fun, but overrated. I’m alive, healthy, I have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, that’s a party for me. I don’t need to gather 10+ people to feel special. I don’t care if someone (who I don’t even remember) forgets to wish me a “Happy birthday”, trust me I never cared, nor I would ever care in my entire life. For the last two years, while I was on Facebook, I made sure that  no one would be notified of my birthday. I see people who probably have 2000+ friends on FB getting tons and tons of messages and then they go and reply back to “happy birthday!” with “Thank you!”. I wonder if that one person didn’t wish you a happy birthday, will your birthday instantly become a miserably one? I assume, no. Or is it a competition to get as many birthday messages, will it make you a happier person? I assume, no. That’s just a wild guess.

I remember when I turned 16, everyone was saying how special that age is and I need to celebrate my 16th birthday! It’s a milestone and I’ll never be 16. Then it was my 21th birthday and people told me the same. True, I won’t ever be 16 and also 17, 18, 19, 20…. so on. I’m okay with that. Matter of fact while people around me are scared of turning 30/40/50 and so on, I enjoy my life, without paying attention to any birthdays. As in I stay at home and drink my coffee, read my book and chill. That’s a party!

I don’t even mind if I don’t get a present that day. I’m not only bad at receiving gifts, also I am not good at giving gifts. If I ask you what to gift you, don’t be shy, just tell me. Spare me from my agony.

Here how I imagine my birthday. I wake up, I run, I shower, and I go for a quick lunch with my friends and that’s it. And I get ZERO calls from anyone!

I would say this. My culture, Armenian, is a pretty show off culture. People will have 500 guests at their weddings, they will hire an expensive venue and show their relatives that they have means to do that. They will have these lavish birthdays to outdo someone else. *yawn* I have seen it all. And usually those people will be in denial about it. I know it, and you know it. If it was about family, friends, you could have had a pizza party at your house and be fine with it. ^_^

I just think, that if you are alive and healthy, that’s it. It’s your birthday 365(6)! Isn’t it great?! If anyone deserves a congratulation call is your mom, not you. You have done literally nothing for your existence.

I have never had a birthday party, nor will I ever have one.