13 days left till my Paris Marathon.

Anddddd I’m starting to freak out and think that I have done nothing for this. I only can think about this event. I AM excited but I’m so worried. I know I will finish it, even if it takes me 8 hours, even if I’m the last person crossing the finish line.. But let’s be real I don’t want to be the last person. I’m not 80 years old! I bet I’ll see some 80 years old running better than me. I’ve seen it during my half-marathons. I’m not sure how old was that man, but he was more than 60… Let’s say it crushed my self-esteem a little. Maybe a little more than “a little”…

I’m trying to remind myself that this is for fun and the finishing time isn’t important, but part of me (which is the 90% of me) knows that I want to be able run a marathon under 4hours, so I should have done better. I could make up excuses, but I’m not about that “excuse” life. I was lazy and here I am. I trained for 2 months for a marathon! My first ever marathon! This blog will be a reminder for me to be more prepared next time. (Yep, I’m already making plans) If I survive this time… IF… If is a good word.

March 20th–1 hour yoga

March 21st–1 hour yoga, plus 17min of strength training

March 22nd–Rest

March 23rd–1 hour yoga

March 24th–6km

March 25th–26km, 10min of foam rolling and stretching

March 27th–40min of yoga

Total Km–32km, Average pace: 7’00”

I’m going to try and run this week 2-2.5 and that’s it. If you know any good prayers let me know 😀

Best of luck to anyone who is going to run a marathon!

Lilly Minasyan