Hey book lovers,

I’m trying to blog more, because I just love the process and I love writing, so I need to make a habit out of it. Let’s see how it goes ^_^

Let’s talk about audiobooks. If you were someone like me, who just adores physical books, your first reaction to audiobooks might be how I used to think “No, that does NOT count as reading, I listen to my book? nah.” But here I am and I’m going to say I LOVE AUDIOBOOKS!

I started to love audiobooks, when I needed to train for my first ever marathon and I was sick and tired of music. I can listen to Britney Spears 300 times, but 400 no. Just no. And I’m not one of those people who likes to find new artists. If they find me, great, if no, no.

I started to listen my audiobook during my long runs and I felt more productive. Not only I was running, but also “Reading”, multi-tasking much? Hell yea! And then I started to listen to my audiobooks while I was doing dishes, cleaning, getting ready, scrolling through Pinterest, just anything you can think of. I even was listening to it while showering. There, I said it!

And this year I got into coloring therapy, Jesus Lord! There was no stopping! I was so obsessed with coloring and also listening to my audiobook, that I would have a neck pain afterwards. No worries, I do yoga, so I am as good as it gets.

I feel like as long as you are educating yourself, working on yourself, it should not matter in what form you are reading your book, it can be through a physical book, e-book, audiobook or podcast. Just try to learn and learn.

You can never be too smart!

What type of audiobooks you like to listen to? I like listening to self-help books more ^_^

Have a great day or night, wherever you are!