Hi to whoever is reading this,

If you know about the book “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, either by watching it or reading it, you’d know that in Pray part she goes to India and starts intense meditation course, where she meditates daily and since reading that book I wanted to get into the habit of meditating. It sounded so amazing and calming that I did not want to miss out.

I tried few times, but I failed miserably, I think I wasn’t consistent enough and I was doing by myself and after few minutes (like 2 minutes) I would get bored. I just could not grasp how to calm my brain. I have an active brain. As in I can think of several things at the same time and sleeping for me is a struggle. The moment I lay my head on the pillow, my brain goes to everywhere, from my wrongdoings to stressing about future. And I’m that person who always thinks ahead of everything. I’m not “in the present” person, I’m “all over the place” person.

So this month I decided that I’m going to meditate and hopefully it will become a good habit. There are so many reasons to meditate: it’s a stress release, less anxiety, you process emotions and hopefully you become calm, and even some claim that meditation can cure serious health issues.

I downloaded the app called “Calm” on my iPhone and the passed few days I’ve been practicing. I’m not sure if it is because of the app or just in general I appreciate the act of sitting still and not thinking about anything, my mind does wonder off here and there, but this time around I feel happy each time I finish my session. And I decided if I stay consistent for two months, I’ll get the subscription, which isn’t too expensive, but I rather spend my money on something that I’m really going to do.

I really hope I’ll stay consistent, I even included this in my habit tracker in my bullet journal.

Are you meditating yourself? Do you believe in meditation?



(The pic is from Pinterest, no idea who uploaded it, but it isn’t mine.)