“Gratitude helps us to see what is there, instead of what isn’t.”

I’ve been obsessed with bullet journaling and when I got my bullet journal I thought to add a page where I would write a sentence a day where I state what I’m grateful for that particular day. It seemed like a fun idea and something easy. I thought every single day something amazing is going to happen and I will gratefully write it down in my gratitude log. I was wrong.

Overall, I’m an extra grateful person, I constantly think of something that I’m grateful during my day. I’m that person if you gift me a pen, I will remember it till I die and mention it constantly. I’m so easy to please. However, writing down seemed sometimes stupid.

You know those days where you are extra frustrated and seem that nothing goes right the way it should and you are sitting in front of your bullet journal either sad, anxious and not that happy and think to yourself “ugh, this wasn’t a good day”. That’s when you need the most to step back and assess your situation. Are you 100% sure there is literally nothing to be grateful for?

Have you eaten? Do you have a roof over your head? Clothes for yourself? Your coffee? Are you healthy? Do you have amazing support group? and so on.

There were times when I wrote “Grateful that I’m healthy”. Because I know there are so many people out there that would have wished to be healthy as I am. Someone might read it and think to himself/herself this is stupid, but for me, it is crucial to be grateful for the things that some people take for granted.

Yesterday, during my run, I wasn’t particularly motivated and during my run I reminded myself that I need to run as much as I can, because I never know what might happen tomorrow and I don’t want to take my health and the ability to run for granted.

So, I hope with this blog post some of you will look at your life and see that there are so many things to be grateful for. And maybe start your gratitude log.

If you know any bloggers that have blogs about bullet journals, please let me know.

See you soon,