Hi to people who actually read blogs and to people who I’m going to force to read my blog,

It’s me an amateur runner. I have noticed I’m amateur in everything, which makes me a very good amateur mediocre person. Self criticism is part of my identity.

I signed up for Barcelona Half-Marathon in February and I want to document the process weekly and hopefully at the end of this training cycle I’ll be in good shape and be able to finish my half-marathon under 2hours.

I have run a marathon in Barcelona in 2018, which wasn’t a good experience for me. I had a knee injury, which put me off from running for a while.

I want to run this half-marathon well, because I am really tired of seeing bad results. In the beginning I didn’t care that much about time, but now I want to PR in my races. If in 2019 I won’t see good results in my running, I have decided to not sign up for any races, until I know 100% I am ready to race and see a good result.

If you are someone who just doesn’t care about Personal Records and does races for fun, that’s really good. I think everyone should do what they desire.

My goal is going to be 1h50min. 

It’s going to be challenging but doable, if I train smart, consistent and hard.

So every Sunday, I’ll write how many kilometres I have run.

Mini rant: 

For people who call 5km race a marathon, please don’t. Marathon is only and only 42.2km, half marathon 21.1km. Anything below that is just a race. The end.

Let’s see if this amateur runner will do good in this race.


Amateur Runner Lilly