Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 1.49.40 PMYou know you are bored, when you remember you have a blog and you want to document these crazy times.

Coronavirus took over the world, it started in Wuhan, China, now it is here, in front of me in Milan, Italy. I don’t know why, but when I heard about this virus, I thought “it isn’t going to affect my life, it is far away from me”, and I slowly saw the numbers rising and still thought “it is in control, mostly 1000 people will get it, then it will be over”. I was so incredibly wrong.

It has been a while, since I went out and walked, to be precise on the 8th of March, I was walking near Duomo and wanted to get coffee, but my go-to place was closed, my privileged self got frustrated, so I walked further and found Panini Durini open, which is usually packed with people, with laughter, Italians talking over each other, being their usual self.

I honestly wish I would document my days from the very beginning, but I was so sad to see the numbers, the pain, that I thought if I write and put these events into a paper, it will solidify further, while if I ignore it, I can later on pretend it never happened, like I usually do with stuff. This quarantine showed me that none of us can’t escape from the reality, we had to stop and sit still, in the most literal ways. In some way, this showed us that there isn’t us vs. them, now we have a common enemy, the virus, and by only helping each other out we can stand up and move forward.

I try to remind myself that at least, some countries are safe, there is no war, I can safely sit in my room, read, exercise, write my thesis, cook, and allow myself to do whatever, even in this case I have realized how incredibly privileged I am.

Think of people who don’t have a roof over their hands, people who don’t have a stable income to be able to sit at homes and work from home, countries that do not have a healthcare system, people who are in abusive relationships, and so many other scenarios that I can’t even imagine. I try to remind myself every time when I feel sad, that I could have been in a worse position.

Wishing everyone safety.

This shall pass.