Hey runners,

61 days left till my first ever marathon and let me tell you I’m panicking. The first day of my running I couldn’t run and I pushed myself and I ran 10min and then I walked for 20 minutes. I kind of want to blame the weather and the conditions, but that’s just a lame excuse.  The last run was on November 20th and it was 5km. I was lazy (running wise) and I haven’t run for more than 2 months! Now I’m running on a treadmill and will wait for ice to melt and I will run outside. Good thing I was doing HIIT and core strength during those two months, but overall I blame myself for neglecting my running. I was waiting for better conditions and I have never done that. I’m glad that I’m admitting to myself and not making up lame excuses.

Long story short, I know I have lots of work to do running wise and I can’t miss any workouts.

Jan. 30th–I have done 30min abs and 10min HIIT.

Jan 31st–I have done 1 hour of yoga.

Feb 1st- 10min. running and 20min walking (treadmill)+ 5m HIIT+20min abs+13min stretching/yoga

Feb 2nd–30min of yoga

Feb 5th- 15x20sex on hills(treadmill: incline 6-6.5) +8min of running+7min walking+10min of abs

Feb 4th-Rest

Feb 5th-31min (5km)+ 35min (abs, obliques & lower back)+ 30min of yoga

Feb 5th’s run was easy. I wasn’t struggling, I do think that 1st day I wasn’t prepared mentally and we all know that mental strength is as important. And I realized that I’m starting to hate listening to songs and I downloaded few audiobooks for my runs.

It will get better and I hope I will complete my marathon. I just need to stuck to my training and JUST DO IT! 

Have an injury free training ^_^